Marianne Lerbs Fine Artist

Marianne Lerbs moved to St. Augustine, Florida in 1992 and open her first art studio and gallery in downtown St. Augustine in Florida. 

From 1992-1994 Marianne became the Artist in Residence for Jacksonville, FL., with the Duval County Public School system.

During 1992 through 1998 She taught art at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL. 

Sponsored by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, She also conducted numerous art projects including rehabilitation programs for young fist time offenders, CANVAS projects with murals in Downtown Jacksonville and Elementary Schools in the metropolitan area, Communities in Schools and Kids at Risk art programs.

In 1997 She became St. Augustine resident sculptor Thomas Glover W’s apprentice, learning how to carve marble, steatite and alabaster. 

By 1998, The Kessler Collection has acquired Marianne’s large sculptures and paintings for the Grand Bohemian Hotels in Orlando and Savanna GA.

In 2001 She had her first of many sculptural solo shows in D.O.C.S Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Marianne produced and installed an 82 feet long mosaic mural for the Museum of Natural History’s Butterly Vivarium at the University of Florida. She also designed the iron railing for the bridges inside the vivarium. 

In 2005, She was commissioned to produce 5 paintings of Historic Women from St. Augustine, and three large scenes from Floridian History for the Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine, Fl. 

By 2010 Marianne helped create and install the St. Augustine Sculpture Garden in St. Augustine Beach, a monumental project conceived by her late husband, sculptor Thomas Glover W. The collection, located on Lakeside Park is composed of 17 life-size sculptures by local and national artists. Two of Marianne’s sculptures, “Españolas” and a “Swimming Fire Horses” are part of the collection.

Marianne’s work has been on display in art galleries in St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, Miami, New Orleans, Caracas and Valencia (Venezuela). 

She has been the recipient of numerous awards, Including Most Advance Art in Show and Cutting Edge Art.

In 2013 She completed a monumental 28 ton stone sculpture, which was originally commissioned to Thomas Glover W., who tragically passed away in 2012 due to a brain tumor. She agreed to take-on the commission and finish the job. Climbing gear, safety lines and scaffolding were needed to work on the monumental stone work. The sculpture is currently at a Green Farm Project in Jacksonville, Fl.

In 2017 she completed a life-size bronze bucking filly and a scaled model rearing Arab stallion, for a local private collector.

Her latest sculptural works in marble and fine woods were on display at the Jacksonville International Airport, from July through September 2018.

On September 2018, Marianne got married with celebrated guitarist Jim Carrick, a protegé of Gamble Rogers and member of Spanky and Our Gang latest lineup.

Marianne’s smaller sculptures can be seen at Plum Gallery on Aviles St., and at her studio by appointment on Ponce de Leon Blvd., by the San Sebastian River in St. Augustine, FL.

Marianne is currently working on a sculptural project involving repurposing marble blocks that were discarded from the old railroad buildings in St. Augustine during remodeling. Following her latest contemporary style, Marianne will sculpt 5 marble blocks (48” x 12” x 8” or about 600 LBS ea.) to depict and honor women of different backgrounds, ethnic group and historic context, from North Florida.

In 2018, Marianne Lerbs and renown percussionist Sue Hadjopoulos met in St. Augustine, Fl. By 2019 they started the SUMA project, with latin music infused with gypsy, bossa nova, jazz rhythms and energy.  

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